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Part of growing is learning new skills. In growing in web design, I made several themes using the bulma framework.

Web design is like all other design skills. It takes practice, lots of it, to be able to naturally design good websites. Which is why, when I discovered the Bulma framework I decided to try and design some free HTML templates using it.

I made three different themes using Bulma, and I plan of making more when I have the time. The first theme uses the colors of Michigan State (Go Green!). It’s relatively simple, but using bulma is a responsive and lightweight theme.

In the spirit of good sport, I also made a theme using the colors of the University of Michigan. Meh. I’m a big Sparty fan, but its’ hard to turn down any opportunity to learn more web design techniques. There’s also a theme for the city of Detroit.

The Motor City is seeing a comeback and a slight tech boom. A number of companies are working together to try and make it a tech hub. Hence, the inspiration for a theme related to Detroit.

There’s also the theme for My Scrappy Quilter. Well, it’s actually the first theme that was used for My Scrappy Quilter, an eCommerce quilt supplies store. I used the Skeleton framework for this design, but have moved on since.

Finally, there is the theme for the Hall of Taps. It’s an alternative Craft Beer Hall of Fame I designed, using UnTappd Data and inspired by the Hall of Stats.


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My name is Adam McIntosh. I do freelance web design among other things. In my free time I enjoy a good craft beer and a baseball game.

This is an introductory post for my personal blog. Here I’ll discuss trends in web design and development. I’ll also talk about baseball (Go Tigers!). I love attending minor league games as well, I find the atmosphere to be more enjoyable there than at major league games.

I’ll also discuss craft beer. I love a good IPA and I even created a craft beer hall of fame. Hopefully, I can update the Hall of Taps soon and improve upon it sometime soon. I keep telling myself that I’ll do that, but it doesn’t seem to happen.

Mostly, this will be a personal blog, where I’ll rarely rant and more than likely give my thoughts on baseball, beer, or website development. You can find a sample of my work on my main homepage.

It’s nothing fancy, but I’m growing in my career as a freelance web designer and developer. I live in Lansing, Michigan where I have spent most of my life. There have also been stints in South Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and Los Angeles.

My preferred web design tools are Marvel and Adobe Illustrator. I then code using Atom, which is a free and cool text editor. It allows me to stay up-to-date and create web sites that keep people coming back.

For all my sports news I use the Athletic, which has started to separate itself from the rest of the sports journalism pack. I’m a Co-Expert for FanSided’s Motor City Bengals. There I blog about the Detroit Tigers, where my beat is general news. We have other more-talented contributors whom bring analysis for the Old English D.

This is all a journey for me, and I hope to use this blog to help me grow in my career and have fun along the way.